Good bye my friend TI022

The last day has come and this is my last delivery so I will try to make it remarkable.

Nowadays hearing of courses about administration, entrepreneurship and management always come to my mind a lame image about hearing a person with a suit talking about big companies, best practice and how we can get with a new business and manage it. And this happens because they only attack you with a bunch of theory and this for me causes an opposite reaction, making me feel bored and does wat to hear about business.

Of course all the information they bring is important, but is not essential and is not the key to make a successful business, the real key is learn to manage people not the resources; learn to behave with different people, learn yourself how to adapt to new environments and hear everyone opinions this is the way you really can make a difference.

A great point that I learned from during this course is also how people work under pressure and how long this pressure can work for good and how can become counterproductive. For this reason is pretty important knowing when is the right moment to use it and when to drop it, because “PEOPLE UNDER PRESSURE DON’T THINK FASTER”. Learning to use this card wisely will give you more advantage in projects and will make feel your staff feel safe.

Learn to learn from your team and understand them. Observe and analyze your team is another key step to get the best of them and make them feel comfortable. This is pretty importan when you want more efficiency, due to everyone is different and has their own ways to work so locate the members in the right activity for them and with the people that make them feel more comfortable and make the productivity reach the sky. When a team is happy and share the same work soul, they can become unstoppable and be your best asset. So “By the time the battle began, Patton’s job was already done. And he knew it.”, and what I mean by this is that when you properly train your team and give them what they need for their job when the hard work comes, they will be prepared and ready to go without the need to keep an eye on them all the time.

I have a long list of concepts learned from this subject but if I continue will never end. Sounds cheesy but this class has been totally different as anyone I had before. It was like a mix of 3 different methodologies, with conference, lectures and theory classes.

I feel this course is the one that has totally changed my way of seeing manager and what involve being a boss. And say this because working and having this course and the same time was like a totally plus where I can put on practice the new skills I learned and will never forget. I am pretty sure that this course is the first step to my managerial, business and entrepreneurship career. I hope in a near future you can see what I had built Ken and feel like: wow that was my student.

Thanks for everything Ken.

References: DeMarco, T., 1997. The Deadline. New York: Dorset House Pub.

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